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Acquisition and Retention
Quote and Underwriting
Claims Portal
Acquisition and Retention

Acquisition & Retention Solutions from LexisNexis® provide you with the data and analytics needed to successfully target the right audience, specifically helping you:

  • Acquire profitable and sustainable new business.
  • Grow your business with timely consumer insights.
  • Retain business by focusing on your most profitable at-risk customers.
Quote and Underwriting

Gain insight and improve your competitive edge. LexisNexis® enables you to gain a better understanding of your business, market and customers, through insurance-specific solutions that tap into the industry’s largest collection of quality data and proven analytics, helping you improve your underwriting processes and position for ongoing growth.

Claims Portal

Claims Solutions from LexisNexis® empower you to transform your claims management and make customers whole again faster with timely intelligence from a robust data and advanced analytics platform. Our solutions help insurers:

  • Streamline workflows
  • Achieve greater efficiency
  • Improve the customer experience